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Santa Clarita Valley Photographers Association

Who We Are

Click and watch our video to learn a bit more about us.
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The Santa Clarita Valley Photographers Association is a group of dedicated photographers both amateur and professional that meets monthly to learn about photography and share images. Our members are from Santa Clarita and adjoining communities. Besides our monthly meetings the group takes field trips such as the Death Valley excursion, the Cambria excursion and participates in expositions at the Valencia Town Center and City Hall. Print and digital image competitions are held at least twice a year. The majority of our members are amateurs at all skill levels of photography however some members belong to the Professional Photographers of America, the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, and other organizations.Whether you are just starting out with your first camera or are a seasoned professional, SCVPA has much to offer.

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month from 6:45pm until 9:00pm (or so.)

We meet at:
         Sierra Hills Clubhouse
         28616 Kenroy Ave.
         Canyon Country, Ca. 91387
Guests are always welcome, come to a meeting and check us out!

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October 2020 Member Photos

2020 October Photo Album

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Message from the President

     Wow! What a great competition! You guys really ROCK! We had 54 images in 9 categories. 20 different members entered the competition. Of the 54 images, 34 images received a merit score of 80 or above! The highest score was 87 given out to newer member Dennis Goff for his image titled “Reflections” which was in the Portrait category. The two other top scores were an 86 awarded to Bob Driver for “Your Move” in the Animals category, and to David Green for “Comet Over The Desert” in the Landscape category. All three of those images competed for the “Best of Show” award which was give to Bob Driver for his image “Your Move”. Congratulations Bob! Well deserved!

     In the Novice division we had 13 images entered with 5 of them getting a merit score! That is totally awesome! New member Andrew Lewis received an 83 for his image titled “Hummer”, Bob Mosier received an 82 for his image “Cascades”, Jayme Thomas received an 81 for “Curious Observer”, Andrew Lewis received an 81 for “Bluff Lake Duck” and Cathy Gero received an 80 for “Up The Down Staircase”. Congratulations! That is a great showing for you guys and much deserved! 

     Here is a breakdown for the competition: 

Best of Show - Bob Driver “Your Move”
Judges Choice - Bob Driver “Your Move”
Judges Choice - David Green “Comet Over The Desert”
Judges Choice - David Goff “Reflections”

Category awards:

Animals - Master Division

1st Place  -  Bob Driver “Your Move” Score 86
2nd Place - Jane Del Vecho “Leaf Hugger” Score 83
3rd Place  - Kevin Karzin “On Golden Pond” Score 82

Animals - Novice Division

1st Place  - Andrew Lewis “Hummer” Score 83
2nd Place - Andrew Lewis “Bluff Lake Duck” Score 81
3rd Place. - Jayme Thomas “Curious Observer” Score 80.67 (81)

Architectural - Master Division

1st Place  - Michael Bowman “Dark Skies Over Eileen Donan” Score 83
2nd Place - Henri Lajer “Urban Lights” Score 80.33 (80)
3rd Place  - Bill Boehm - “Getty Museum entrance Hall” Score 80

Architectural - Novice Division

1st Place  - Cathy Gero “Up The Down Staircase” Score 80
2nd Place - Bob Mosier “Castle” Score 79

Digital Manipulation - Master Division

1st Place  - Mel Carll “Floral Love” Score 83
2nd Place - Jeff Barlow “The Guardians” Score 79

No Novice entries

Event & Editorial - Master Division

1st Place  - Bob Driver “Wonderland Couple” Score 82
2nd Place - Henri Lajer “Bacon For Breakfast” Score 81.67 (82)
3rd Place -  Dusty Stiles “Mono-Chrome Lake” Score 79.33 (79)

No Novice entries

Fine Art - Master Division

1st Place  - Henri Lajer “C’est Si Bon!” Score 83
2nd Place - Bill Boehm “Long-billed Curlew” Score 80

No Novice entries

Landscape - Master Division

1st Place  - David Green “Comet Over The Desert” Score 86
2nd Place - Dennis Goff “Alien Rock” Score 82
3rd Place  - Chris Hoefflin “Eastern Sierra In Fall” Score 81.67 (82)

Landscape - Novice Division
1st Place  - Bob Mosier “Cascades” Score 82
2nd Place - Andrew Lewis “Mono Lake Sunrise” Score 79
3rd Place  - Bob Mosier “Sun Breaks Thru” Score 78

Macro & Closeup - Master Division

1st Place  - Jane Del Vecho “Beeguiled” Score 81

Macro & Closeup - Novice Division

1st Place  - Jayme Thomas “Tastes Like Honey” Score 78

Nature - Master Division

1st Place  - Chris Hoefflin “Fireball Beauty” Score 80
2nd Place - Dusty Stiles “A Quiet Creek” Score 79

Nature - Novice Division

1st Place  - Nadene Bowman “Winter’s Gift” Score 79

Portrait - Master Division

1st Place  - Dennis Goff “Reflections” Score 87
2nd Place - Bob Driver “Terre Patrick” Score 84
3rd Place  - Ted Dayton “Kevin is Fast” Score 81.33 (81)

Portrait - Novice Division

1st Place  - Cathy Gero “Serious Chris” Score 79

Other Merit Award winners:


Dennis Goff - “Mountain Goat” Score 81
Chris Hoefflin - “Wood Duck’s Afternoon Swim” Score 81
Tom Spanos - “Covid Test Subject” Score 81
Kevin Karzin - “Walking On Water” Score 80
Michael Bowman - “Puffin Party” Score 80


Mel Carll - “Moody Dunes” Score 81
Jim Mahan-Soto - “Mt. Whitney Early Morning” Score 81
Ted Dayton - “SPRAWL” Score 81
Jim Mahan-Soto - “Lone Pine Sunrise” Score 81


Ted Dayton - “Kelvin Is Handy” Score 81

     Great job everyone! I am so excited to see that so many members entered the contest. Ribbons will be sent to the winners very soon. I will use the address listed on the entry forms. I am including the Zoom Link of the competition in-case you want to re-watch and listen to the judges comments. Again, a big thank you to our judges: John Grusd, Michael Collins and Nikki Washburn! 

Also I want to thank Mel Carll for hosting the competition, Garry Tice for scoring and Jeff Barlow for receiving the entries and putting them in order and sharing his screen to view the images. This completion wouldn’t have happened without your help! 

Here is the Zoom link.

Keep Shooting, 


Details & Announcements

October 13 Meeting: Professional photographer Lewis Kemper will talk about Light, Color and Composition. Check out his stunning work, and join us Tuesday night! Log in to see the Zoom link on this page.

Click here for the June meeting slides (members only!).

Image Share
Members only

Please ensure to email any images you want to share at the monthly meeting to Kevin by 5pm the Friday before the meeting.

Please note that in order to save as much time as possible for our guest speakers, no images will be shown in July, August and November. There will be a "Year in Review" slideshow during the Holiday Party so send in any images you want included.

(It'd be great if you included your name and image title in the file name, but not required.)

Photo Opportunities

Many local and regional photo opportunities are listed on the Event Calendar, highlighted in light brown. Upcoming SCVPA member activities are listed here and on the Event Calendar.
The SCVPA Board is requesting that members & guests sign up for field trips and workshops so we can prepare for the correct number of participants. Sign-ups are done by clicking on the registration button and then selecting the Sign-Up options.
If there are no registered participants by the Wednesday before the field trip or workshop, the event will be canceled.

Future Club Field Trips 

Field Trips July 2019 to June 2020

Events Calendar

Upcoming Events


Speaker Links

Additional links are posted on the "Useful Links" page.

Dusty Stiles, Dusty Stiles Photography

Kevin Karzin:

Mel Carll:

Competition Events

November 10th - 2020 Fall Digital Image Competition
Members only
Submit by November 2nd, 5pm
Photos within 2 years
Animals, Architecture, Digital Manipulation, Event & Editorial, Fine Art, Freestyle, Landscape, Macro & Close-up, Nature, Photojournalism and Portrait

Download the Rules:

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Pages Document

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