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Santa Clarita Valley Photographers Association

Can anyone join?
-Yes, the club is open to everybody.

Is there a fee?
-There is no fee for the first visit; $10 after the first visit or $75 for annual membership. The fees
and membership go toward rental space when we need it; costs for the spring and fall photo
competitions, including facilities, furniture, ribbons, judges, entertainment and food; special
events such as weekend workshops, website hosting, monthly speakers’ fees, monthly chair
rental, and the annual holiday party.

Where are the meetings?
-Meetings take place on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at the Sierra Hills Clubhouse 28616 Kenroy Ave Canyon Country, Ca. 91387.

Do I have to bring a camera or paper to the meeting?
-You don't have to bring anything to a meeting; taking notes is useful.

What is the club's level of expertise?
-We have a wide range of photo skills represented in our club; many members are amateurs,
some are pros, all are interested in shooting better pictures, all are willing to share ideas and
techniques, a few shoot film, but most shoot digital.

How long are the meetings?
-Meeting usually run from 6:45 to 9 pm. There is often a speaker, often photo sharing, skill
sharing, Photoshop tips, Lightroom tips, printing tips, sometimes gadget tips.

Where can I get updated info?
-Club information is on the club site, and on Facebook, Santa
Clarita Valley Photographers Association,

Does the club have competitions?
-The club sponsors a print competition in May and a digital image competition in Autumn of each year;
competition rules and information are on the club website (unless otherwise noted).

Does the club have organized photo shoots?
-Club members arrange group photo trips several times a year to places like Death Valley and
Joshua Tree, day trips to downtown LA for the Chinese New Year, and to local historic, natural
and cultural locations.

Do small groups get together to shoot?
-SIGs, Special Interest Groups, meet informally to shoot portraits, small objects, birds and
animals, historic places, landscape locations, and to plan small photo excursions.

Can I sign up without going through the website?
-Sure! Just download the SCV Membership Application and fill it out. Then bring it to your first meeting with your annual dues in the form of cash, check, or money order.

We Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday evening!