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Santa Clarita Valley Photographers Association

Who We Are

Click and watch our video to learn a bit more about us.
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The Santa Clarita Valley Photographers Association is a group of dedicated photographers both amateur and professional that meets monthly to learn about photography and share images. Our members are from Santa Clarita and adjoining communities. Besides our monthly meetings the group takes field trips such as the Death Valley excursion, the Cambria excursion and participates in expositions at the Valencia Town Center and City Hall. Print and digital image competitions are held at least twice a year. The majority of our members are amateurs at all skill levels of photography however some members belong to the Professional Photographers of America, the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, and other organizations.Whether you are just starting out with your first camera or are a seasoned professional, SCVPA has much to offer.

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month from 6:45pm until 9:00pm (or so.)

We meet at:
Sierra Hills Clubhouse
         28616 Kenroy Ave.
         Canyon Country, Ca. 91387
Guests are always welcome, come to a meeting and check us out!

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Member Gallery

2019 June Meeting Images

June 11, 2019
Monthly Meeting Images
Submitted by:
Chris Hoefflin, Dean Hall, Dusty Stiles, Jayme Thomas, Kelvin Pulker and Larry Kushner

Message from the SCVPA Board


This week we all take a moment and celebrate the July 4th holiday.  What a great time for fun, family and fireworks….  And let’s not forget BBQ!!!  Hope you all are grilling something yummy, as you know members of this board certainly will be.

Our July 9th meeting will be super special, as we welcome back the esteemed lighting guru Tim Meyer.  Tim will be presenting another amazing program on dramatic lighting.  So check you calendars, and move anything you have to, so that you can attend.  You will not be disappointed.

Our upcoming August meeting brings back our favorite judge Ed Freeman, who will be judging “Hit Me with your Best Shot”.  This should be a great evening, as Ed will judge and comment on the images right then.  His comments are both entertaining and on point.  The possibilities are endless as to what you can enter, both from a subject matter, and from a printed material.  The images can be framed, printed on metal or even something out of the box.  Rules and entry forms are on the club website.   So use your imagination and have fun with this competition.  We will have prizes and the winner gets their name on the very exclusive “GOLDEN HOLGA Plaque”.  Yes,  we have found the award and will have it at the meeting for all to enjoy.

If you have any images you would like to share with the group, please forward the images to   Please note that in order to save as much time as possible for our guest speakers, no images will be shown in July, August and November. There will be a "Year in Review" slideshow during the Holiday Party so send in any images you want included.

And if you are looking for a cool place to meet with like minded photographers, then we will see you at our meeting on Tuesday, July 9th starting at 6:45pm at the Sierra Hills Clubhouse but come early and enjoy the snacks and conversation.

Keep Shooting my Friends!!


Details and Announcements

Tim Meyer
Tim Meyer was our guest speaker July 9th and spoke about Dramatic Lighting. The workshop was incredibly interesting and everyone present learned a lot.  Tim shared several PowerPoint presentations, suggested some photographers and artists to check out as well as a few YouTube videos to view.
The links have also been added to the 'Useful Links' tab.
Meyer Photography

Tim Meyer behind the scenes with Profoto -

Tim Meyer Advanced Lighting Control
Tim Meyer Parabolic vs Soft Lighting
George Hurrell -
Yousuf Karsh -
Dean Collins -

Ted Dayton

Great article in the Santa Clarita Valley Signal about our member Ted Dayton.
In October, Dayton will have a month-long solo exhibition, “Three Projects: Small, Medium & Large.”  The show will be at The Main, on Main Street in downtown Newhall and will  open Oct. 17.
“I am an artist at heart, a creative person at heart and I have a need to use this craft of photography to create images that are different in some way,” he said. “I also want my work to be interesting to look at.”
Ted Dayton, Artist in Action

Photoshop Demonstration
Several members have asked for the printout of the tools in Photoshop discussed by Dusty during June's meeting.
2019 06 11 Dusty Photoshop Demonstration

The two books that Dusty recommended and passed around are: The Photoshop Toolbox by Gyln Dewis and How Do I Do That In Photoshop by Scott Kelby.
Both are offered thru Amazon:
The Photoshop Toolbox
How Do I Do That In Photoshop?

Professional Photographers of Los Angeles County (PPLAC) Exhibit
June 30th thru July 15th
The Whole 9 Gallery
The Whole 9 Art Gallery
3830 Main Street
Culver City, CA  90232
Photographs by Mel Carll and Eleanor Gray are in the exhibit.

Image Share - Members only

Please ensure to email any images you want to share at the monthly meeting to Kevin by 5pm the Friday before the meeting.

Please note that in order to save as much time as possible for our guest speakers, no images will be shown in July, August and November. There will be a "Year in Review" slideshow during the Holiday Party so send in any images you want included.

(It'd be great if you included your name and image title in the file name, but not required.)

Photo Opportunities

Many local and regional photo opportunities are listed on the Event Calendar, highlighted in light brown. Upcoming SCVPA member activities are listed here and on the Event Calendar.
The SCVPA Board is requesting that members & guests sign up for field trips and workshops so we can prepare for the correct number of participants. Sign-ups are done by clicking on the registration button and then selecting the Sign-Up options.
If there are no registered participants by the Wednesday before the field trip or workshop, the event will be canceled.

Future Club Field Trips 

Field Trips July 2019 to June 2020

Speaker Links

Additional links are posted on the "Useful Links" page.

Ed Freeman, Ed Freeman Photography

Dusty Stiles, Dusty Stiles Photography

Kevin Karzin:

Mel Carll:

Tim Meyer, Meyer Photography

SCVPA Upcoming Activities

General Meeting, August 13th
"Hit Me with Your Best Shot" competition
Guest Speaker:
Ed Freeman

Bristle Cone Field Trip, Aug 30 - Sept 2nd

General Meeting, September 10th
Guest Speaker:
John Gelderman, Lancaster Photo Club
Sports Photography

Pasadena Bridges & Devil's Gate Dam, September 14th

General Meeting, October 8th
Mel Carlson and Kevin Karzin; Prepping your Image for DIC

Fall Colors, October 11th - 14th

General Meeting, November 12th
Digital Image Competition

Vasquez Rocks, November 16th

Holiday Party, December 10th
Confirm Attendance and Volunteer

Holiday Lights, December 15th, Self-Directed
Holiday Lights Information

Events Calendar

Upcoming Events

Competition Events

August 13th - "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" Competition
Members only
Submit at August 13th meeting between 6pm and 6:25pm

2019 Hit Me with Your Best Shot Competition

November 12th - 2019 Fall Digital Image Competition

Members only

Submit by November 4th, 5pm
Photos within 2 years
Animals, Architecture, Digital Manipulation, Event & Editorial, Fine Art, Freestyle, Landscape, Macro & Close-up, Nature, Photojournalism and Portrait
2019 Annual Digital Image Competition

2020 Spring Print Competition, date TBD
Open to the public
Submit by TBD
Photos within 1 year
Categories: Animals, Architecture, Digital Manipulation, Event & Editorial, Fine Art, Freestyle,  Landscape, Macro & Close-up, Nature, Photojournalism and Portrait

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